Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Funday!

Hey y'all!! So we (my family and I) had a wonderful weekend! We went to mass (Hello fellow Catholics!!) then we went out to the in-laws house and shot some guns!

We shot my father-in-law's very old and antique 1892 Winchester. It was awesome and had a feather light trigger! You can't hardly find bullets for it so we were really lucky to be able to shoot it. Then my 4 year old says she wants to shoot it and I kept saying maybe when you get older but next thing I know her and her daddy are bent down with the gun and she is shooting it! She loved it!! I'm SO glad!

Her dad was in the military so we do reinforce safety with guns of course... They are not toys by any mean but it's also good to know how to use them as well. Sorry if you have different beliefs about gun control but my family and I will shoot guns! We hunt and practice safe gun habits... Nuff said! : )


Peace and Blessings

Min Lou Who



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